Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blago at the Podium

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Governor that day

The feds, the House, the papers all were screaming "Pay to Play!"

The criminal charges had been filed, impeachment, moving too

And everyone was wondering just what would Blago do?

The calls for resignation came, a mighty, rising din

From Madigan and Durbin Jesse White and even Quinn

But when the man himself spoke out, we knew the Gov was sunk.

Obama said to “step aside,” so time to pack your trunk.

When Blago called his press conference, we knew the time had come.

This had to be the moment he’d ride off into the sun.

With TV cameras humming and reporters in a rage

Blagojevich, in battle coif stepped up onto the stage.

“My fellow citizens,” he spoke, “I know that you’re in pain.

“Our state is in grave danger and no more will I refrain.”

“Just one thing now can save us, there is now only one ointment.”

“You’ll be relieved to hear, I’ve made my Senate seat appointment.”

The air was thick was tension, even silencing the corps

The only sounds, a couple unhinged jaws hitting the floor

“Our great State needs a Senator, so without more ado”

His steely eyes speak unspoke words: “I’m doing this for you.”

“I give you Roland Burris” Blago solemnly intoned

And paused to let the words sink in, while Illinoisans moaned

“A man of great integrity, of judgment pure and sound,”

“And frankly, he’s the only guy who didn’t turn me down.”

“But look who’s here, I’m shocked, I’m stunned, a very special guest.”

“You must come up at once to speak (we’re really very blessed)”

“Come, don’t be shy, now Bobby Rush, step up onto the stage.”

“And tell us what you have to say, O great, elected Sage.”

So Bobby stepped up to the mic and coolly viewed the crowd

He summoned all the righteousness with which he’d been endowed

With smoldering eyes and presence strong, he looked into our faces

Said, “better support Burris or you’re just a bunch of racists”

Invoking Selma, Birmingham, he pitched another bomb

“opposing Roland Burris means you’re just an Uncle Tom”

“The Senate needs a man of color, needs you to do right by”

“(Who cares that when Obama ran, I voted for some white guy)”

Then Blago sauntered off the stage, his hand brushed back his hair

I could have sworn I saw his middle finger in the air

But poor old Roland’s title, it was not yet set in stone.

The august Senate, not amused, could not this taint condone

When Jesse White refused to be the paper’s guarantor

The Senators, they took the cue to Katy-bar the door

“We’re sorry,” said the Senators, “no taint allowed in here”

Then took their oaths of office and each smiled from ear to ear.

But taint, cannot disqualify, it’s not a fatal flaw

Nobody in the Senate, seems, had stopped to read the law.

They bade him to come in, never admitting they were wrong

With Reid and Durbin saying they both liked him all along

And so, the Land of Lincoln got two Senators at last

And our Trail Blazer’s got another line to mark the past

A man with so much baggage, will he ever be effective?

To Blago, he’s already served his only real objective

Yes, somewhere in our fabled land, the people are contented

Their governments are working, more or less they’re represented

And somewhere civic pride is shining like an ivory tower

But there is no joy in Illinois, our Blago’s still in power.

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  1. Some have suggested that I say "with apologies to Earnest Thayer." I say, Fµ¢< 'em.