Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Closing Argument

Chief Justice, Senators, folks of all sorts
Its great to be here in this kangaroo court

I thought I’d bounce in, now that you’re nearly through
I would have come sooner, but had things to do.

I’m sorry I couldn’t have stayed all along
To show all of the ways that you’ve got me so wrong.

Tell you my story, explain, contradict
Every smidgeon of evidence used to convict

But your rules wouldn’t let me show my side of things
How the work we all do comes with one or two strings

Tell the Illinois folk how some wee quid pro quo
Helps to make our political gardens all grow

Who among us has not heard a lobbyist’s plea
And wondered out loud “hey, what’s in it for me?”

Seen some new legislation, heard a bright new idea?
Without speaking our motto: “ubi est mia”

Yes, my judges and Senators, consider my case
And as you do, think of your own smiling face

Cause’ if I’d done all those things that you say
Well then, who’s got the goods that could put you away?


  1. Hi Gov. Rod (you'll always be Guv to me)
    Your closing speech poem didn't disappoint! I wonder why they edited that out on tv and played the other one.

    Please go out jogging to the Fed's today and start singing your poetry. Take down the whole slimy bunch with you! And, for other ways you can now make money:
    Collect your pensions
    Write a Book
    Have your own TV show
    Start a line of jogging clothes and an exercise tape
    ...the list goes on!
    Please have a fun weekend, and come to my house for the superbowl!

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