Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Loss for Words

What say you to these charges?
Have you nothing to declare?
You’ve said before there’s nothing here so time to clear the air.

You’ve told us of your strength
Your courage, how you keep your head.
While everyone is losing theirs and blaming you instead.

You cannot wait to tell your side
You said so to us all.
Yet your defense remains unmounted, why, then, would you stall?

Perhaps you were misquoted
And those tapes, they aren’t legit.
But didn’t your own lawyer call your words “unfortunate?”

A lesser man, with naught to say,
Might try to pull a scam
Refuse to play their little games and call the thing a sham.

A lesser man might cause his State
To waste its time and cash
Pursuing an impeachment, air our bureaucratic trash.

Not you, a man so strong of will
Heroic heart, who will not yield.
A man whose actions more than words his true soul has revealed.

1 comment:

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